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Shorter Retreats

Shorter Retreats

One Day Retreat – Spend a day of quiet with the Lord. If you would find it helpful we can arrange for you to be accompanied by a trained spiritual guide.

Monthly Days of Prayer – Quiet days with spiritual input for those attending.

Short Overnight Retreats – The option to stay overnight for two or three days retreat is also available.

Artwork right: Into the Deep ©Mary Southard Used with permission


Longer Retreats

Longer Retreats

Private Retreats – for those who want to have some quiet time alone to pray and rest (you can decide how long you wish to stay but these retreats are usually between three and eight days).

Directed Retreats – a directed retreat offers a sacred space where you can share your prayer and spiritual journey with a trained Spiritual Director. Such a retreat provides an opportunity to share where you are in your life, the challenges you face and the graces you hope for. Your director will offer you some scripture passages, poetry or other resources to help your prayer and relationship with the Lord.

Preached Retreats – These retreats have a Leader who offers one or two talks each day together with prayer and reflections on a given theme. These retreats can vary from 3-6 days in length.

Preached retreats are fully catered while private or directed retreats can either be catered for or you can be self-catering.

For more information about any of the options given, or any queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact the Franciscan Centre on 01483 675 575.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ladywell.

Artwork left: Encounter ©Mary Southard Used with permission