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The Sisters and Mission Partners of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM) are committed to sustainable development and embrace effective action in response to the ongoing climate crisis and Pope Francis’ call for us all to care for our common home in his document Laudato Si.

As followers of St Francis and St Clare of Assisi, the sisters, and Mission Partners at Ladywell, Godalming, recognise that we are brother and sister to one another, to the earth and everything in it, and that we have a responsibility to care for our common home.

This policy sets out how our approach to our work and ministry is taking account of this.


This policy was approved by the Trustees on: 15 November 2022

The next review is due by: 15 November 2023

Wildflower garden at Ladywell

Wildflower garden at Ladywell

We will be guided by the following expectations:

In our Hospitality and Catering we will strive to:

  • Use and source local and seasonal produce and sustainably sourced fish whenever possible
  • Ensure that the palm oil in any products we use will be sustainably sourced
  • Consider how our land maybe used to grow food
  • Limit food waste and compost kitchen scraps
  • Have one meat free day per week and use less red meat
  • Reduce our use of cling film and single use plastics
  • Use ecologically sound cleaning products, toilet rolls and hand towels
  • Investigate ways to reduce the amount of energy and water we use

Artwork below: Jubilee seed ©Mary Southard Used with permission

Procurement and Waste Management

  • We will endeavour to use recycled paper
  • Single-use plastics should be avoided wherever possible
  • We will work towards a paperless environment and will only print what is necessary
  • Any unwanted printing will be shredded or recycled
  • We will use the recycling bins provided in all kitchens and office areas to reduce the waste sent to landfill
  • We will try to repair rather than buying new
  • We will seek to procure from local companies


With our Procurement of Energy

When appropriate, we will strive to source gas and electricity from green sources that are carbon negative. We commit to ensuring that our existing solar panels will continue to provide some of the energy used at Ladywell.

Ladywell Solar Panels

With our use of Cars and Transport we will aim to:

  • Ensure that any new cars bought to replace our existing fleet will be electric
  • Use the existing electric car for 90% of journeys made by the FMDMS
  • Replace Estates and Maintenance vehicles with one energy efficient all-purpose eco- friendly vehicle
  • Showers in the staff block are available for staff who choose to run or cycle to work
  • Where appropriate, meetings will be offered in online or blended form, to reduce the need to commute to meetings by road

Tuesley Lane

Within our Financial Activities

  • We will make reasonable enquiries to ensure, as far as we are able, that we invest in accordance with our vision, mission, and values and in line with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church
  • We will not knowingly invest in any company (directly or indirectly) that clearly makes significant profit from an activity which is contrary to our vision, mission, and values. This includes tobacco, arms, gambling, pornography, and companies that do not respect the sanctity of life
  • We commit to ensuring that our impact portfolio is fossil fuel free and carbon negative and that our investments in forestry funds, UK social housing, and renewable energy save emissions and help more people in the global south and create more jobs than a traditional portfolio would

Artwork below: The Desert Will Bloom ©Mary Southard www.ministryofthearts.orgUsed with Permission

In our Communication and Policy Dissemination we commit to:

  • Educate all Mission Partners on this policy as part of their induction and on an ongoing basis
  • Encourage every member of the Ladywell Community (Sisters, Mission Partners, guests and volunteers) to take personal responsibility to care for our common home through consciousness raising opportunities and by taking positive action e.g. by switching off lights, being responsible with heating, recycling, and in their personal choices
  • Consider suggestions from every member of the Ladywell Community to improve environmental performance and to implement these where practicable

We will share information and guidance regarding care for our common home by:

  • Making this policy available on the websites for the FMDM and of the Franciscan Centre
  • Reporting regularly in management and leadership meetings, on how this Policy is being implemented

New woodland planted in 2000 in partnership with the Woodland Trust

Woodland planted