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Franciscan Publishing

Franciscan Publishing has been established to enable the Franciscan charism to be made more widely known and available in the English language, and particularly in the UK.

Franciscan International

Representing Franciscans at the United Nations and working with, and advocating for, the most vulnerable and poor around the world.

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Franciscan School of Theology San Diego

Their Youtube channel offers excellent free video talks on various Franciscan topics.

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Franciscan Connections

An international Franciscan blog that connects, communicates, and conveys the best of Franciscan learning in the twenty-first century.

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Daniel Horan OFM

Franciscan Friar whose articles and books are a rich source of Franciscan and contemporary theology and spirituality.

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Franciscan Intellectual/Spiritual Tradition

offers the writings of Francis and Clare as well as many other early sources of the Franciscan story.

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Center for Action and Contemplation

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Friar and the founder of this Center, is a prolific author and speaker on Franciscan and contemporary spirituality. His daily meditations are an excellent source of prayer and reflection.

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Center for Christogenesis

Ilia Delio, a Franciscan sister based in the USA is a theologian and scientist who has written extensively, not just about the Franciscan vision, but about a contemporary theology which is relevant to our growing understanding of our interconnectedness with all of the universe.

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A Franciscan Renaissance

By Brian McLaren.  A transcription of a talk given to the USA Franciscan Federation – highlighting the relevance of the vision of St Francis and St Clare for our world today.

RF 3.2.44 – Franciscan Renaissance – by Brian McLaren