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Our new Heritage Exhibition

We wanted to interweave the values of FMDM’s mission into how our visitors experience the Franciscan Centre Ladywell.

As part of that desire, we have created a space to bring guests on a journey of the FMDM sisters’ worldwide mission story.

As part of your visit to Ladywell, we invite you to enjoy our exhibition space at your leisure, where, through photos, text and video, the story of our FMDM sisters will come to life.

Understand the values on which the FMDM story is based, as you read and hear what has inspired the sisters’ mission.

Dignity of the Human Person

Respect and Care for Creation


Reconciliation and Healing



Towards the end of his life St Francis spoke these words:   

“I have done what was mine to do, May Christ teach you yours.”   

Franciscans continue to discern what is ours to do today in answer to the needs of our beautiful but broken world.