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Review: ‘The Hebrew Scriptures through Franciscan Eyes’

“The Hebrew Scriptures through Franciscan Eyes” – A look at Genesis and the PsalmsLed by Fr Garrett Galvin, OFMFriday 15th  July – Sunday 17th July 2022


I found Fr. Gareth’s positive view on God’s love and on human nature refreshing. His assertion that the primary aspect of the Creation Story in Genesis 1 is about the Goodness and love of God, rather than our sinfulness, opened for me a world where hope and love will have the final say. The benefits of this positive view of humanity (Positive Anthropology) are many, in that we see all other human beings, as made in the image and likeness of God, and we respond to them with greater love and have a broader vision of how we can share, co-operate and help one another.

The most inspiring message I took from this weekend was to engage with the world in a positive way, to live life fully, knowing we are destined to love and that we are co-creators with God. Above all we are called to live with grateful hearts and to praise God for his goodness to each one of us.