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Sr. Oneng Mendoza - FMDM Spiritual Direction Team

A call within a call…

I was working as a Lay missionary nurse in Thailand in 1983 when I first sensed a stirring… an experience of the ‘otherness’ of God. This sparked a change to my original plan: From going to USA to work and send dollars home (Philippines) to the possibility of being called as a missionary sister.  The search then led me to the FMDM’s in Singapore and after an initial discernment process, I entered in 1985. After 8 wonderful years of initial formation leading up to final profession in 1993, I was sent to the Philippines as part of the FMDM’s pioneering community.

I rediscovered with joy my own culture and the local/national Church in the light of my ministry to people with HIV/AIDS as full-time staff of Caritas Manila’s AIDS Prevention Programme.  As I attended to the pastoral needs of PHIV/AIDS and their families, slowly, other Congregations started sending their young members in formation to Caritas Manila’s organized forums and outreach projects. This evolved into not only providing pastoral supervision but also spiritual mentoring. As this progressed, I felt called to the ministry of Spiritual accompaniment, hence in 1998, I underwent a training course in Ignatian Spiritual Direction, in Emmaus, Quezon City, Philippines.

After 12 years in the Philippines, I was called to our mission in England in 2006 as part of the Vocations Animation Team. To do this more effectively, I felt the need to deepen my Franciscan roots and knowledge hence, in 2008, I went to the Franciscan International Study Centre to train in Franciscan Spiritual Direction. This evolved yet again to the ministry of assisting our young sisters in formation.

I marvel at how the hand of God is in it all. Some of my interests are walks in nature, being with fun-loving, people, gardening, cooking for others (and eating!) good books, arts, and craft.